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NATIONAL MOBILE We use social networking plugins like Facebook/Twitter at various places on NATIONAL MOBILE 
to let you easily share our content with people in your online social circles. Cookies that may be used by these services
are beyond our control and we cannot take any ownership for their behavior.uses cookies to identify you as a user when
you're using our service. This is used to show you useful information, for instance, products that you have viewed in the past.
We also use this information for our analytical purposes to make NATIONAL MOBILE .We love a clean Internet, an environment 
that inspires trust. We hate spam and we have no intentions to unethically sell your contact information stored with us.In the future,
if we feel there's something we need to inform you regarding privacy, we will update this page and hope you will take note of it.We
do collect information you provide to us such as name, email, mobile phone number, and information we collect as you access and
use our service, including device information, location and network carrier. This information enables us to evaluate your device and 
provide our services better. better every passing dayThis information is shared with third party service providers so that we can:

personalize the app for you
perform behavioral analytics